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One of the key goals of WIFTA is to assist its members with professional training/learning opportunities that will have a positive impact on their career as a TV/Film/Video professional. While our PSA & Mentorship Program is a means for our organization to provide this opportunity in-house, we also recognize the need to provide additional opportunities. As such, we have partnered with several quality companies to offer internship experiences that will provide this training. WIFTA Currently offers two types of internships:
(1) In-House Internships, which are internships with WIFTA that are based on the organization’s needs.
(2) WIFTA Partners Internships, which are opportunities for WIFTA members in a variety of disciplines from top firms across metro-Atlanta.
If you are interested in doing an internship or externship with WIFTA, email us at with your resume and cover letter, which should include the area you’re interested in learning more. If we have a need and see a fit between your skill set, desired learning area and our needs, we will consider designing an internship for you!

If you’re interested in interning with one of the WIFTA Internship Partners, select a partner below.

NOTE: Those interested in becoming an WIFTA Internship Program Partner should send an email to:, subject: “I Want To Be a WIFTA Internship Partner.”

WIFTA Provides Internship Opportunities With The Following Partners:

Brothers Young Productions

Brothers Young Productions, also known as BroYoPro, specializes in translating visions into visuals. The Marietta, GA based firm has decades of combined experience in the film realm. In addition to film work, the company also does commercial work.

Learn more about this internship partner by viewing internship listings here.

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