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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 with Sarah Zureick-Brown from Highwire Comedy

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Saying Yes to Yourself

Ever find yourself struggling to make and commit to choices in auditions? On stage? In life? Learn how to say yes to yourself using the tools of improv comedy. Plus, find out how to apply these same techniques to support the choices of your scene partners. No improv experience necessary–just a willingness to say “Yes, And…”

Sarah Zureick-Brown is an Atlanta based writer and performer. She is graduate of the Meisner program at The Robert Mello Studio. Sarah performs regularly at Highwire Comedy Co. where she also teaches and coaches. 

Highwire Comedy Co. is Atlanta’s source for improv, sketch, and standup comedy shows and classes. At Highwire, we train actors, writers, and people curious about comedy using a performance-centered approach. We empower our community of artists to create comedy in their own style on stage, script, and screen, and in turn, we entertain audiences with original scripted and improvised works. Find out more at