Actors Track – The Monologue Challenge!


Victoria Spencer Smith returns with special guests and challenging exercises to strengthen actors skill set and industry information.

February 15th, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm at The Warhorse at The Goat Farm – register HERE

The Goat Farm is at 1200 Foster Street, NW Atlanta 30318.  

Coming from Howell Mill, take Huff Rd to the stop sign and turn left on Foster St. Just after the Howard School on the right turn right into the Goat Farm. Follow the path to where you see cars parked and park there on the right or left. There is a path that passes by an old cotton gin mill and through into the Goat Farm. Follow that and cross the next parking lot to a small set of stairs. Down the stairs turn right and go through the tunnel, the Warhorse is on the right on the other side of the tunnel.  See parking diagram below.

MONOLOGUE MADNESS  – supporting Atlanta Mission*

Bring in a 1 minute monologue of your choice.  It should be in your age range; have it memorized, prepared and ready to work.

Monologue Madness will give each of you a chance to really connect with your material and to truly benefit a worthy cause…

We will begin the evening with a quick warm up then the group will be divided into two groups. Each person in the group will have an opportunity to present their monologue to their group.  Points will be awarded based on four areas 1) age appropriate material, 2) connection to material, 3) preparation of material and 4) adjustment based on second read though.  Please understand we are all here to learn, grow and give back to those who need us most and all you have to do is be yourself & connect.

To support Artist in Connection for Hope & The Atlanta Mission, for every point each actor and guest scores they can buy a laundry pod from us to donate or bring their own pods to donate (points range from 5-20).  All proceeds will support homeless women through The Atlanta Mission.

We will also have a special guest & New Talent agent Jaron Matthews from J Pervis Talent Agency visiting WIFTA for the evening to assist me with monologue score sheets.

Happy Valentines Week to you all & thank you for being part of our mission to assist others in our community!

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces…

Victoria Spencer Smith

* please bring laundry detergent/products for donation to Atlanta Mission

The Goat Farm