Tiffany Haddish – The New Face of Comedy on SNL

What’s so special about Tiffany Haddish hosting Saturday Night Live?  Not much except that SHE IS THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN COMEDIENNE IN THE HISTORY OF THE SHOW TO SUCCESSFULLY HOST IT

This may not be special to some because 11 other black women, mostly actresses, have hosted the show before her.  But for many, this represents a huge victory among black comediennes and a major change in climate for a show that has very rarely included black women in its cast historically.  Not bad for an untrained actress who admittedly grew up in foster care.  

You may remember Tiffany from her staring role this summer in the high-grossing film, Girl’s Trip, in which she co-stars with Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Regina Hall.  After gaining much popularity for her role as Dina, Tiffany has now gone on to accomplish another major feat.  Many have been weighing in on performance on SNL this past Saturday night and it is all good.  Her much anticipated appearance on the show was well-received by audiences.

Did you see Tiffany Haddish on SNL this weekend?  How do you think she performed?  Share your comments below.  





Girls Trip movie poster courtesy of IMDb.





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