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Atlanta is an emerging film town, so, naturally any news – big or small – that I find out about film around town thrills me.  So, let me tell you about the next big thing that I found:  Atlanta Movie Tours!  Yes, this is one of those things that you can add to your bucket list hall of fame because it is indeed a great way to learn about film production in Atlanta.  For this blog, I have teamed up with Patti Davis, one of the founders of Atlanta Film Tours, to tell us more about this exciting opportunity for film enthusiasts.


So obviously Atlanta is becoming a film town – well at least it is obvious to some us who live here.  For our readers who don’t reside in Atlanta and for those who do reside in Atlanta but are still in the dark about this fact, tell us why you developed your company and how it relates to this booming film business.

Carrie Sagel Burns and I started Atlanta Movie Tours out of our mutual ‘fandom’ for The Walking Dead. Carrie was already taking friends from out of town to The Walking Dead filming locations and I thought that this would make a terrific business. Two years later, seeing how our business is bringing guests from all over the world to Atlanta, we are still learning how we can contribute to Georgia filming tourism and continuing to add to the economic development of the city we both love.


Tell our readers about the experience. Is this a tour of a single place or is it a combination of places to go? Or better still; whet our appetite for what a tour is like.

 While all four of our tours follow a similar format, they vary quite a bit.  They are as follows:



For Zombie Lovers. . .

  • Can’t get


    enough of the Zombies? Then our Big Zombie Tours Part 1 & 2 are just the thing for you. Board our luxury coach and enter the apocalypse with our Walker guides straight from the show. You will trace the footsteps of your favorite characters from The Walking Dead and Zombieland, while learning about being on set with the stars.


For Antebellum South Lovers. . .

  • Do you love the old South and Gone With The Wind? Then you will love Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind Tour. Miss Mitchell herself guides you through her Atlanta as you visit the important spots in her life. This tour feels like a one-woman Broadway show as Miss Mitchell regales you with stories from her past and takes you to the apartment where she wrote her only published novel and other exciting locations. Vouchers for this tour also allow you to visit the Road To Tara Museum in Jonesboro and the Marietta Gone With The Wind Museum, as well as gaining you re-entry to the Margaret Mitchell House.

 Atlanta Movie Tours 1

For All the Rest. . .Lovers. . .

  • Are you a big movie buff? If so, you will want to take our Atlanta Film Sites Tour. See locations where hundreds of movies and television shows have filmed, from “Driving Miss Daisy” to “The Blind Side” and so many more. This is a great way to see the city and don’t worry if you can’t recall the scenes for the films, we show you clips to refresh your memory!

All tours are 3-hours in length, with trivia played for prizes, free bottled water on our coaches and a complimentary souvenir group photo.


Does your tour include visiting places that are currently filming on location and those that have already been filmed; and, what is the extent of your territory that the tour covers?

It is our policy to never intrude on live filming, although sometimes it happens by accident since there are so many productions around the city. When this occurs, we think of it as a happy surprise and of course, our guests love it. Our tours go as far north as the Cobb Energy Center and as far south as Senoia, GA, depending on which tour you choose.


Do you see film as a thing that is here to stay and if so, how do you anticipate your company will grow along with the growth of film?

We definitely see the growth of film here in Atlanta, and Georgia in general, continuing for quite some time and really spiking over the next few years. Pinewood Studios joining us from the U.K. will make its facility the largest film studio in the U.S. and their presence in the state will continue to draw productions and television shows to the area for many years.

We saw a 450% growth in our second year in business and our company will continue to grow as film producers continue to utilize Atlanta and the surrounding area. We have a few projects in the works that should really delight future guests and we look forward to making those announcements shortly. We’re always coming up with new and exciting things for our guests to do!




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