A Night Remembered in Atlanta

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Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

On February 22, 2015, the 87th Annual Academy Awards aired on WSB-TV in Atlanta.  In support of film professionals who were nominated and awarded on this special night, Women in Film and Television Atlanta hosted an Oscar Party at Studio No. 7 in downtown Atlanta.  It was truly a night to remember and this is what I remembered. . .

DSC00930Our bartender provided us with some great drinks throughout the night. . .



. . .many were engaged in conversation and enjoying the ambiance. . .


DSC00954. . .some were exchanging information and networking and really having fun doing so. . .



. . .the red carpet show on TV kept some of us entertained. . .



. . .while the actual awards ceremony kept the rest of us occupied as winners were announced at the Oscars. . .




. . .let’s not forget about those Oscar trivia games that kept us guessing during commercial breaks. . .



. . .and when games weren’t being played, we were moving and grooving to the talented musical crew. . .


DSC00986. . .still others were simply satisfied with looking good for the evening and indeed there were a lot of well-dressed, good-looking men and women at the event.


Attendees, did you get to see your WIFTA Red Carpet photos?  If not check them out here in this gallery.

Did you miss out on all the fun we had?  Click here to see the video and make sure to join us next year. . .


Event photos by Mel.

Red Carpet photos courtesy of Red Carpet Express.

Video courtesy of Angela Wingers of WingersMedia.com.

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A Night to Remember – Noelle Marozeau

Noelle Marozeau

Prepared by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

Tomorrow, many Atlantans will be headed to Studio No. 7 for their opportunity to shine on WIFTA’s red carpet and to watch the Oscars live from Los Angeles, California.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this big event in film taking place here in Atlanta.  Come out and meet new friends and local celebrities and enjoy some great food and games with WIFTA.  Also, mix and mingle with one of our celebrity hosts, Noelle Marozeau.


Noelle Marozeau is a former CNN Anchor for their segment “De Modas” and diligently operateNoelle Marozeau 2s her own local business entitled Marozeau International Communications which is a communications and PR firm.





Still haven’t purchased your tickets?  Don’t miss the opportunity to be in great company on the biggest night in film and to show off your fashion sense on our red carpet.  Hurry and get your tickets at https://wiftaoscarpart.eventbrite.com and help us make this a night to remember!



A Night to Remember – Beth Keener & Greer Howard

Beth Keener

Prepared by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

Have you caught it yet?  Oscar fever that is.  It’s running rampant nationwide and it has made its way here to Atlanta.  We plan to “feed the fever” with food, fun and games at Studio No. 7 starting at 6 pm on Sunday, February 22.  Come on out and meet two more of our dynamic hosts that will help make Oscar night in Atlanta a night to remember.  Greer Howard

Beth Keener is a local reporter and actress known for her work on Vampire Diaries and One Tree HIll.  She is also known for Battle Los Angeles and Death Sentence.


Greer Howard is a reporter for the Atlanta Braves and is working on her latest project, The Atlanta Insiders.


 Still haven’t purchased your tickets?  Don’t miss the opportunity to be in great company on the biggest night in film and to show off your fashion sense on our red carpet.  Hurry and get your tickets at https://wiftaoscarpart.eventbrite.com and help us make this a night to remember!

A Night to Remember – Bob Cicherillo

Bob Cicherillo

Prepared by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

The countdown is on. We are now 4 days away from one of the biggest events in television and you can be a part of it here in Atlanta.  Join WIFTA for the 2015 Oscar party and enjoy food, fun and games all in the company of great hosts, friends, and fellow WIFTA members.  Not only will you have the opportunity to watch what’s going on in LA, live on the big screens, there will also be plenty of opportunities to network with some local phenomenal people.  One such phenomenal person is actor and writer Bob Cicherillo.


Bob Cicherillo is known by many for his body-building but he is not just all brawn.  He also flexes his mental muscles as a writer and is known for works such as I Love You, Man; Demons at the Door, The Last Rep and you may recognize his voice from the podcast Pro Bodybuilding Weekly with Dan Solomon.



Top photo courtesy of Bob Cicherello.

Bottom photo courtesy of http://bit.ly/1vGJUcg

Still haven’t purchased your tickets?  Don’t miss the opportunity to be in great company on the biggest night in film and to show off your fashion sense on our red carpet.  Hurry and get your tickets at https://wiftaoscarpart.eventbrite.com and help us make this a night to remember!

A Night to Remember – Mariela Romero

Mariela Romero 2
Prepared by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

Oscar fever is spreading  all across America and this is definitely true here in Atlanta, Georgia – poised to be the top location for filming east of the Mississippi.  Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is celebrating Oscar night by putting on one of the hottest Oscar parties in the Southeast at Studio No. 7 in Midtown Atlanta. To help get this party started, several celebrity hosts will be present to make this a night to remember.


Mariela Romero will be one of the hosts present at the Oscar party.  She is most notable for her work with Univision. She is the Community Affairs Director at Univision (Channel 34 in Atlanta) and host of Univision’s Conexion. Mariela is also an Emmy Award winning journalist and has worked with other television networks such as GPB, CNN, and CWK.

Mariela Univision

Photos courtesy of Mariela Romero.

 Still haven’t purchased your tickets?  Don’t miss the opportunity to be in great company on the biggest night in film and to show off your fashion sense on our red carpet.  Hurry and get your tickets at https://wiftaoscarpart.eventbrite.com and help us make this a night to remember!

The Oscars – Live In Atlanta

 Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

champagne glass
Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/18KUDxt

Yes you did read the title right. But – let me explain. Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) will be hosting an Oscar Party here in Atlanta, complete with its own red carpet segment, and a host of members dressed to impress; but we will be watching it live on the big television screen. Hey, don’t look at your computer screen in a chagrin. I didn’t say that the Oscars held in Los Angeles,California was going to be hosted here live from the ATL. I simply said it is going to be liveFlyer 2 in Atlanta just like it will be live on your own television screen. But why sit at home watching it all alone when you can be in the company of others attending the liveliest party of the year for film?

About the Event

Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is a local 501c-3 organization that “is dedicated to improving the status and portrayal of women in film, television, video and other screen-based media by offering opportunities for media makers to connect, create, champion and inspire.” It has been a cornerstone in the entertainment industry in Atlanta since 1974, celebrating 40 years of supporting women in moving images. Our organization is excited to host another Oscar Party event here in Atlanta and we hope that you can come out and not only enjoy the networking and food; but, also come out and learn more about what we do and how our organization can help you with your television and film career goals. Appetizers are free and WIFTA Logoyour first drink is on us and there will be games and raffles during the Award show to keep you entertained. The event will be held on Sunday, February 22, 2015 with red carpet starting at 6pm and the party starting at 7pm. It will be held at the following venue:

Studio No. 7

393 Marietta Street

Atlanta, GA 30313

Register at: https://wiftaoscarparty.eventbrite.com (See and click flyer below for more details)


About the Studio

Studio No. 7 (2)
Photo courtesy of www.studiono7.com
Photo courtesy of www.studiono7.com

Studio No. 7 is a recent addition to the Atlanta art/food scene. Located where Downtown meets West Midtown, Studio No. 7 is an art gallery, kitchen, bar and lounge. Each element has been carefully curated to provide a balance of art, food, music, style and culture. The industrial loft space is a great place to gather with friends and enjoy Asian and Latin influenced food while sipping on handcrafted cocktails. Due to its unique layout and comfortable couches, Studio No. 7 has also become a favorite destination for private events. Studio No. 7 was named as part of the Atlanta Tribune’s Best of Atlanta 2014.


So, come on out and make this a night to remember in Atlanta. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and other social butterfly buddies out to Studio No. 7 for food, fun, entertainment, and the opportunity to walk on the red carpet like the stars in Hollywood.

. . .and don’t forget to share your photos and comments on this memorable night using the hashtag #wiftaoscar15.

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Autumn Bailey’s Georgia Entertainment Gala

Image 3

Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

Oftentimes you will hear about a “gala” and probably wonder about what it is and what the big deal is about them. I can’t speak for all galas but one gala here in Atlanta is gaining momentum. The Georgia Entertainment Gala is entering its third year and it is becoming a popular gala in the Metro Atlanta area. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet with the founder of the gala, Autumn Bailey, in order to find out more about this best kept secret in Atlanta. Want to know what the big deal about this gala? Autumn will let us know.


MC:  Thank you Autumn for this interview . First, tell us how you conceived the idea for the Gala.

AB:  I actually did not conceive the idea per se. I’m not a person who is into putting on events; I’m more interested and passionate about producing films and distribution. I was asked by the Georgia World Congress Center’s executive Mark Geiger to develop such an event based on my involvement with the organization Get Connected. GWCC offered the space and the partnership and ironically I turned down the offer at first. However, after praying about it, I decided to change it a bit and make it into an awards ceremony and charity event. GWCC liked the changes that I made and history was made. I have grown to be passionate about this event because it allows me to give back and help others, which is something I love to do. My involvement with this gala allows me to help people engage and network with people they would not normally meet. This allows those who are socially shy or unable to make connections on their own to build their people skills and increase their self- belief as they hone their careers in the entertainment industry.


MC:  Met Gala is probably one of the most talked about galas. How do you plan to make the gala here in Atlanta the most talked about event of the year?

AB:  Well let me say that it’s not about that to me. I’m not someone who is all about the glit and the glam of the event and trying to get attention for the event; rather, I am about getting people in the community involved with a positive event and raising money for a good cause such as this one.


MC:  As a fellow member of WIFTA, how do you feel that this organization has helped you?

AB:  I love WIFTA. I’ve been a member for 7 years and I think it is a great organization for women of various backgrounds to network. I call it the sisterhood sorority.


MC:  Tantalize our tastebuds for this year’s gala.

AB:  Well first and most importantly, we will be raising money for Hosea Feed the Hungry and Serv International and 20% of the ticket purchases will go toward these two organizations – 10% for each organization. I chose these two charities this year because I envision our organization helping feed kids and families here and around the world and even building water wells for people in countries that don’t have access to clean running water. I earn absolutely nothing for this initiative – this is a passion of mine and my ROI is the sweat equity I put into making this event a success. All other proceeds go to pay for the hosts, the venue, the food and the production . This year we will be highlighting the Georgia Entertainment Community and things they have done which will cast a positive light on what’s going on in Georgia. Ludacris and Judge Hatchett will be a couple of the honorees.   Keep in mind that this isn’t just an event for entertainers. There will be others in the community – non-profit organization leaders and such – who are welcome to come and show their support. I know some see what our organization is doing and the look at us as if we are amateurs who just want to be in the industry but I take this as a complement. I realize that I can’t please everyone but as long as people can see the greater mission and that we are one industry family, then I feel that my job has been done.

Image 2

Interested in attending this year’s event?

Obtain your tickets in advance at http://www.gaentertainmentgala.com/AtlGala.html

Photo courtesy of Georgia Entertainment Gala site.

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