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Disney-ABC Did That!

Four out of 10 – pretty good Disney – ABC! The Creative Development team announced the Disney – ABC DGA Directing Program directors! Of the 10 directors, four of them are women. Many studios like ABC are tailoring programs that give women opportunities behind the camera.

Top Row (L-R): Eli Gonda, Angela Gomes, Benjamin DeJesus, Tessa Blake
Top Row (L-R): Eli Gonda, Angela Gomes, Benjamin DeJesus, Tessa Blake

Bottom Row (L-R): Amin Matalqa, David Rodriguez, Paula Hunziker, Devon Gummersall, Xuan Jiang, Kevin Sweeney

We still have a ways to go!

Each year the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences sends out invitations and this year less than 30% were women. Only one woman, Gina Prince-Bythewood, was invited to join as a director. There is one category that is made up of all women…makeup artists and hairstylists.

The Academy’s CEO since 2011, Dawn Hudson, has made a point to diversify the membership. The invitation process happens annually to replace retiring and deceased members.

To see the full list and get more details, visit: Indiewire and The Hollywood Reporter.

Female Film Critics…where are you?

This article takes an interesting look at the lack of female film critics, the reasons why the numbers are low, and some grassroots efforts to change the perception of a women’s opinion about film.

One such effort is the Women’s Film Critic Circle (WFCC). The group has fewer than 100 members who are critics and scholars engaged in various forms of media.

The article notes: The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film released its annual Celluloid Ceiling report in January, showing that this is indeed the case – women were less likely to have a hand in writing, producing and directing films in 2014 than they were in 1998. Meanwhile, a demographics report published by the Motion Picture Association of America in March showed women bought 50 percent of movie tickets in 2013.

To get all the details, statistics and see charts, read Gone Girls:The Lost Art of Feminine Critique.


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