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Here in Georgia, we love our growing film industry and to show how much we love and appreciate it, this month is dedicated to the people who make it possible:  our film vendors.  For this blog post, we salute RJR Props who has been a staple in Atlanta’s film community for about a decade now.  Rich Rappaport founded the company with the intention of using his extensive background experience to provide filmmakers with accurate props for their films.  RJR props has grown to become one of the largest prop providers in the metro Atlanta area.

Thank you Rich for joining us this week.  Rich, tell our readers what RJR Props is and what it means to Atlanta’s growing film community.

RJR Props is the ultimate source for amazing Props.  Nothing boring here!  We provide props for Television, Film, Music Videos, Conventions, shows and private events.  Where do you go when you need a full size commercial airplane interior to film? Or a real Airport TSA Security area?  Call RJR Props.  We also have working Elevator Props, Computer Rooms, Hospital & Medical Gear, High-Tech Security props. Working bomb disposal robot, Exotic Electronics, A Bank set with Vault, Safe Deposit Boxes, working ATMs and money. We have the most realistic legal Prop Money in the USA.  Our money has been featured in dozens of feature films & TV shows, and it has been seen in over than 1000 music videos by the top artists. We have a Vintage Computer collection with over 5000 pcs. Huge Weapons collections from medieval to flame throwers. A huge collection of News Cameras & Studio Cameras dating back from 1940 to present! RJR Props is now recognized as one of the top Props Suppliers of non-furniture props.  And our website has been recognized as one of the best for Props:  rjrprops.com.


Your background is in medical, avionics, engineering, military and computers – in essence nothing related to the creative field.  What made you want to transition to the more creative world of film?

Having a wide background actually makes perfect sense. In this industry, we need to be experts in many fields.  Having a medical background means that we can make sure we provide the right medical props.  The Engineering helps us design the props. Military helps with our Military props including our Huey Helicopter, yes we have a Huey available!  And computers has been my speciality since the dawning of computer age.  I have 26 yrs experience in all of these fields, plus we have a talented crew with even more diverse skills, making it an essential part of our abilities.image

But I can’t take credit for transitioning into Film.  It wasn’t me. It was a blessing from our Creator.We were in the industrial computer business doing electronic design & repair for many years.  We started getting requests from the film industry to rent Mainframe Computers. But we never considered it.  One day a wonderful man named Bob Shelley walked in the door.  Bob is a world famous Special Effects master in Film & TV.  He asked for a rare item that we had.  We had that rare item, along with thousands of other rare pieces that we accumulated over the years. Bob was amazed with our “collection” and thankful that we were able to provide the piece. He recommended us for a number of other projects. I thank G-d every day for all our blessings, I thank G-d for sending Bob, and I thank Bob regularly!  I know it sounds a bit odd, but I really am very thankful!

Do you provide customized prop options for clients?

Yes, we do provide customized props. We help design a wide variety of amazing props from Computers to Exotic Electronics.  In the upcoming feature film “Sully” starring Tom Hanks which was directed by Clint Eastwood, we were asked to design the cockpit electronics for Captain Sully’s Plane. We collaborated with the Set Dec and Lead Man to come up with an amazing cockpit set.  A few months ago we were commissioned to do custom designed prop money for fashion designer Alex Wang, for his 10th anniversary bash in NYC, which was topped of with a huge money drop.  It was great seeing Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj and others throwing our money around!  Recently, a famous actress directed her first feature film.  We were commissioned to make a unique one of a kind piece for her desk in her LA office.  In feature films, the Director, Set Decorator or Prop Master usually decides what a piece will look like. However, many times we are asked to create it.  We were asked to provide a variety of props for Madam Secretary, Chicago PD and other shows recently. We have built a trust with them, and they often give us artist license do prop designs as we see fit.  Other times we collaborate together, but always it looks absolutely exceptional.

Where do you see your company 5-10 years from now as the film industry continues to boom?

Where do I see us in 5-10 years?  Older!  But seriously, we are getting better and better every day.  We continue to bring diverse experienced people to make our company stronger and better every day.  We are adding more amazing Props and focusing on the areas that we are asked to grow.  We can’t predict the future.  It’s all in G-d’s hands.  Please G-d, in 5-10 years we can see an even better future, more diversified Props House, new engineering capabilities, and specialization in playback. In a nutshell, we will be able to make every production look even better.  But we all have to do our part also.

The Film industry brings $6 BILLION a year to Georgia.  It gives jobs to tens of thousands of good people, and revenue to other companies like: restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.  But our industry is based on with how we vote: the politicians that control the taxes. If we vote for politicians who will continue low taxes and incentives, the industry will be safe.  Jobs will be safe.  However, if we vote for the wrong politicians who want to raise taxes and kill incentives, the industry will pack up and leave.  The film industry is here for 1 reason: Money.  It costs less to film here.  Some politicians like to raise taxes, and some realize that lower taxes attract businesses and the film industry.  We all need to vote for the right politicians. Together, we can all help make this industry amazing!  I hope this gave some great insight into the film industry!  Call RJR for your next production at (404) 349-7600 or check us out at rjrprops.com  We look forward to helping you in your next Film, TV show, Commercial or Music Video!




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