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Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

You may have heard of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, The Heidi & Frank Show, Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, or Brooke & Jubal In The Morning because you hear it broadcast on your radio in the mornings; but, did you know that you can see these radio show hosts on television too on a show called Dish Nation?  When I first tuned in to Dish Nation on television, I thought it was a cool show because it unites radio and television.  I’m used to knowing these radio personalities by their voice but now on this show, I can see what they look like and what the studio looks like.  As you may know by now from my blogs I’m the curious type, so I ventured a little deeper to find out more about Dish Nation by collaborating with Matt Blanock, Co-Executive Producer of Dish Nation.

Thanks Matt for joining us.  For starters, tell us a little about what Dish Nation is.

Stu Weiss, who created Dish Nation, originally worked in Radio as a DJ in the late 70’s / early 80’s in western Pennsylvania.  After an incredibly successful career in TV and as the owner very successful production company in Los Angeles (Studio City, LLC), it was Stu’s desire to do something with radio.  He had an idea to bring the funniest, wildest and most popular radio hosts in the country to TV in an effort to showcase a group of talented entertainers he thought would excel outside of their current platform and not only did it work, we’re about to enter our 3rd season.

Is this show a rebroadcast of morning radio shows, or is it a completely different segment.

Dish Nation is radio hosts/talent doing TV.  The original idea was to do a show that was a re-broadcast of selected moments from the radio show’s original broadcast that morning.  Essentially, we wanted to be a “fly on the wall” and then show viewers the fun that happens in studio when the radio broadcast is happening.  The past two seasons, as our show has evolved, we have gone away from trying to do radio and TV all at the same time; the logistical hurdles were tough on our production team, and the stress it placed on the hosts was putting their performance at risk.   Currently, Dish Nation spends around 90 minutes with each team after they have completed their Radio morning shows.  This has eliminated stress on the cast, improved their performance and taken the burden off of our production team to work around all the radio work that had to be done.

Tell us some of the hottest cities you broadcast Dish Nation in and also why you chose the specific radio shows for the show.
Dish Nation is nationally syndicated and distributed by 20th Television, so we are on in almost 95% of the country, which makes picking the hottest city really tough because we think they’re all fun.  Every week Dish Nation highlights a new city in America by creating a show segment specific to that city every day.  The Radio Teams that we chose were teams that we found during an extensive internal search.  The more we laughed in our office, the greater the chance they had of being asked to be on Dish Nation, and we think we have some really funny teams cast in this show.

What’s it like to work for Dish Nation?

Everything moves a million miles an hour.  There are 13 cast members, three radio teams, 90-something employees and one 20 minute show – it’s a lot to wrangle every day.  Since we are entertaining entertainment news we have a very interesting office environment that is filled with the urgency and energy of a news room, but with the all the dynamics of wit and laughter that you’d find in a writers room on a comedy show. Working for Dish Nation has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I have enjoyed everyone that I have had the privilege to work with.  It has not always been easy working on the west coast and trying to produce radio shows on the east coast (during Season 1, I started my day at 1:30am and worked in the office till around 5pm at night for about 11 months straight.).  Despite the hours (which are now, much, much, much better!) the experience has been great, and the people that put this show out everyday are some of the most talented I’ve ever worked with.

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Above logo courtesy of Matt Blanock.