CASTING A NET with Marinella-Hume Casting

It’s early Saturday morning and the church parking lot is filled with cars, and people rushing to get their spot in line.  They’re not there for worship service. It’s one of many open calls in Atlanta.

At the helm of today’s open call frenzy is Andrea Hume and her staff from Marinella-Hume Casting. Hume says her passion for the film industry got her into casting.  The job is filled with long days and having to please production companies while juggling the needs of actors, isn’t for the faint at heart. “It takes skill to successfully cast a movie or a show,” she said. “The production is trying to paint a picture and they give me the palette and I help to paint that picture.” She books for both featured and background roles (extras).  With extras, it’s all about at the look. “If we have a crowd scene, it’s my job to make sure the crowd looks real, and has diversity.” A diverse crowd has a little bit of everyone in it.

Hume says she looks forward to interacting with each and every person, and putting a face to the name. They love their talent pool in Atlanta. With teams also in Miami and Chicago, Hume feels Atlanta is a great market to find good talent. In addition, she says Atlanta offers the best of both worlds for productions and is as diverse as the people who live here.  “It’s a real plus to shoot somewhere that’s big city, and then 20 minutes away you can shoot out in the middle of nowhere in the country.”

The best part of her job is when she can make someone’s dream come true. “When people scream into the phone and say ‘Praise God’. They really wanted this and they got it. To be a part of that is really something special.” On the flip side, she says the challenge is the delicate balancing act she does trying to please both sides especially with constantly changing production needs. “You can’t book everyone for everything. I wish I could. Sometimes a scene gets dropped and it’s my job to call the actor. You almost feel like you’re wrecking somebody’s day.”

Her advice for aspiring actors is to be prepared. That picture is very important, because directors may ask to see pictures first.  “It is so important that these pictures are well lit.” Also, she encourages actors to read the casting notices and know what the requirements are for that particular casting call.

Among the projects Marinella-Hume has cast are Tyler Perry produced, “Love thy Neighbor”, “The Haves and Have Nots.” They have also cast for “Devious Maids,” “Drop Dead Divas,” and the upcoming “Ride Along 2”.  Hume credits her success with an amazing hard-working staff.

For more information about Marinella-Hume Casting, you can find them on Facebook.

CASTING A NET with Rhavynn Drummer

Rhavynn Drummer, the in house casting director for Tyler Perry Studios (TPS).
Rhavynn Drummer, the in house casting director for Tyler Perry Studios (TPS).

Casting directors are among the most powerful people in the show biz industry. They can make or break people’s careers. In part three of our casting series, we feature Rhavynn Drummer, the in house casting director for Tyler Perry Studios (TPS).

Under 30, Drummer is arguably one of the younger casting directors in the industry.  She’s respected well past her years and takes her job filled with constant auditions and scouting for new talent seriously. “My job is to present good, strong talent.  I feel so honored and blessed to cast here and to find new talent.

Drummer started out as an intern seven years ago and has worked her way up through the ranks at TPS, working on Perry’s flagship projects, “The Haves and Have Nots,” “Love thy Neighbor,”and “Why Did I Get Married Too.” Working for such a high profile studio should make anyone step up their game. “Anytime you book a network show that’s somehow affiliated with a studio, it’s like you’ve made it into the Super Bowl. No matter where you are, especially if it’s a network or studio, you have to be on your “A” game. We’re looking for the best talent to fulfill a role.”

Using her experience and knowledge as a theater major gives Drummer an edge in the audition process, “I know some of the challenges that actors face when creating a role and when they’re auditioning. I think some of the best training for actors is being in an audition room.”  She has a level of respect for actors and the process they go through for their craft. “I appreciate the hustle and the struggle of an actor.” Drummer’s standard audition question is ‘what have you been working on’.  It tells her how serious they are about their craft.  “Even if you haven’t booked anything you should at least be taking a class. Presentation is key for any actor going into an audition room.”

Drummer feels that Atlanta has a diverse, rich talent pool. However, she’s seeing more LA actors migrating to the market.  One of the highlights of her job is seeing how different actors interpret roles. “It’s usually the people who dig deeper, that give me something different and a different understanding of the character. Those are the ones that I remember. Only about 20 percent of the people do that.”

For anyone looking to get into casting, Drummer suggests the following: internships, do your homework by watching movies, and get to know the local talent in your market. “Take an acting class. Have a good understanding of what it means to see a good performance, what it means to find an actor who’s versatile, and also know how to direct actors.”

Up next for Drummer, she’s adding acting, directing and producing to her resume.  Find out more about her web series “Good Girls” at

Getting Better Acquainted With Actress and Director Extraordinaire, Tangi Miller


Image of Diva Diaries Director, Tangi Miller

ATLANTA – Written by Yolanda Lewis

Like most in Hollywood, Tangi Miller is hard at work carving out a very successful career for herself. This multi-faceted businesswoman is a business triple hyphenate with her hand in the acting, directing, and producing pools.

Reel Focus recently got a chance to speak with Tangi about her entertainment pursuits and her thoughts on Atlanta’s booming film and television scene.

Tangi’s fascinating story began with her love for the arts in high school. She dabbled in acting a little but switched gears in college to pursue a communications and marketing degree at the University of Alabama. The acting bug bit her again when she pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of California, Irvine. This renewed interest in her first love -acting – landed Tangi her big break on Felicity as Elena, WB’s Emmy-Winning popular hit show that aired on television in the late 1990s.

Other film and television projects that Tangi has worked on include Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion, Half and Half, Cold Case, The District, Leprechaun: Back 2 The Hood, Love & Other 4 Letter Words, and The MC Hammer Story – a track record which spans over twenty years.  Tangi also appeared in the video “Yesterday” with gospel duo Mary Mary.

Tangi’s most recent directorial project, Diva Diaries – a film in which she produces and co-stars as Sophia – is  about five women who are taking charge in the business world, balancing it all with relationships and fighting wars whether it be in the bedroom or the boardroom.

When asked about the inclusivity in film trending now, Tangi responded with a positive outlook. She is especially excited with all the diversity in film and television right now and hopes that the mediums continue to reflect this. Tangi stated that “Film and TV should reflect who we are, it seems we are getting closer. I believe things are getting better, which means we are going in the right direction.”

Not only is film and TV becoming diverse but film production locations are also expanding outside of Hollywood. Atlanta, where Tangi has recently been involved in some film projects, is becoming an international interchange for entertainment. Tangi says, “The beautiful thing about working in Atlanta is that I can work every day and then have Sunday dinner with my family, which helps me stay true to my southern upbringing.”

Tangi is a busy, hardworking business woman, so it is hard to take a break and enjoy the fruits of her labor. However, when she has downtime, she likes to binge watch The Escape Channel because she is into murder mystery real life stories. She claims that she is not normally into that sort of thing, but it has been addictive as of late.

Regarding potential future film projects, Tangi mentioned that she would love to adapt The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman for the screen. She says the reason this book is a favorite is “because I like to work on relationships and I would take the books insightful analogy and actionable wisdom and wrap it around three or four couples in a movie.”

One insider tip that Tangi shared with Reel Focus is how she chooses gigs. She states, “That in order for her to feel passionate about a project, she has to fall in love with the story first. If that foundation isn’t there, it does not fuel my energy or desire to tell it.” Her advice for those looking to get in the industry is to study the craft and take it seriously, especially if they want to be taken seriously in return.

Finally, when asked what she would be doing if she hadn’t pursued acting, Tangi eagerly said that she would have pursued teaching at the college level. She loves to share her experiences as an artist, filmmaker, and businesswoman and plans to do the lecture circuit in the future. She is also an advocate for supporting women and families as well as building educational programs targeting young women from low-income backgrounds. Tangi lives by the words of Maya Angelou in that “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and style,” and from the look of things she is doing just that.





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