2017 Atlanta Underground Film Festival




This weekend will mark the 14th annual Atlanta Underground Film Festival.  The festival will be held the new Synchronicity Theatre in Midtown.  

Atlanta Underground Film Festival (AUFF) touts itself as more than just a traditional film festival. It was founded in 2004 to provide indie filmmakers an outlet to express their creative talent at the grassroots level.  AUFF features artists who think outside of the box to create films that thrive outside of mainstream competitions.  This film festival provides a platform for the astounding work of local indie filmmakers to be heard.  Filmmakers are “from every corner of the earth, with a good mix of local, national, and international films,” says a spokesperson for the festival.  

The festival will take place Friday through Sunday and will include over six dozen films.  Highly anticipated films include: 

Tempest Storm 


Devil’s Whisper 


Back for Good


Nowhere Michigan 


Whitney Can I Be Me



A few award categories will include the following:


Best Feature 

Best Documentary Feature 

Best Comedy Documentary Feature 

Best Comedy Feature 

Best Director 

Best Drama Feature 

Best Horror Feature 


For more details about this festival, visit www.auff.org.




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