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Feng Shui Expert Karen Rauch Carter


A new year is approaching and it is about that time again to start making new year’s resolutions.  One important change that most people make in the new year is with their career.  Have you ever felt like your career is going nowhere?  Or maybe it feels like a merry-go-round – doing a lot of work and not really getting the results you want.  Well, sometimes it may be this way because you have too much clutter in your environment.  Yes, CLUTTER.  Many of us do not realize how our home or work environment can sabotage even our best of efforts.  This is why, I invited best-selling Feng Shui author, Karen Rauch Carter to share with us film professionals how we can use feng shui to get out of a career rut and start living our dreams.

Karen, thank you so much for joining us on Reel Focus.  Today Feng Shui is thrown around in conversation but very few really know what this means.  Can you start by telling us the true definition of what Feng Shui is?

Feng shui is a method of mindfully arranging your living and workplace environments so that they fully support you. It takes into consideration the energetic factors as well as the function and placement of everything in, on, and around you. Everyone knows that the outcome of placing a baby at the edge of a pool for a nap is not likely to have a great outcome, but where does obvious end and subtle begin? Feng shui deals with both the obvious as well as these subtle environmental arrangements in order to help and support your health, career, love life, family or basically ANY area of your life.

Can you explain to our readers how clutter can have an effect on just about every area of your life according to Feng Shui?

EVERYTHING has an effect on you — whether you know or feel it consciously or not — however, clutter is one of the most disrespecting and energy-sucking of the lot. “What’s going on in your environment is going on in your life” is the rule to follow here. When you allow clutter around you, you have allowed the opportunity for feelings of disorganization and “never-enough-time,” and mental results of confusion, forgetfulness, anxiety and constant mental chatter to creep into your life and work. Since this is a film industry conversation, I’d like to ask you to consider set design. How is the character and his backstory portrayed through the set? Is the gangster surrounded by colorful floral pieces of art with little toddlers in them? Is the crunchy hippie’s house designed minimally with all glass and chrome furniture and white walls? NO! Everything SAYS something and exudes an energy that either helps you proceed where you want to go boldly into your ultimate future or holds you back and tethers you to some time in the past – usually with guilt attached. “What if some thing breaks? I can use that for spare parts!”, “Hey! I paid a lot of money for that – of COURSE I’m’ keeping it!”, “It’s the only thing I have from Aunt Edna!”, “My kids made it so of course I’m keeping it!” With this kind of clutter, I guarantee you that guilt will always be somewhere in your life because it’s right there in your home and workplace.

Reel Focus readers are well established in film careers or rising industry talent.  Some of us may be feeling like we are not getting anywhere with our film careers even though we are giving our all.  Can you share  with our readers how Feng Shui may help to improve areas such as career, networking, and wealth-building.

Not getting anywhere is a classic sign of clutter – whether its physical stuff on the floors and busting out of the closet, or mental beliefs, “you gotta pay your dues for years before you get any breaks in this town” or “Mom was right, this is a waste of time.” A good feng shui consultant can help identify where the clutter is and help you remove it. For those where “nothing is moving” I might recommend adding a moving object into a space (preferably the front right-hand part of your home or a room – long story as to why.) For those who are not making any money, I’d recommend placing a plant or a picture of trees, or even something purple in color in the back left-hand part of the house or room. For those not making connections, I’d recommend making sure that the walk from the street edge to your front door is obvious and easy to find with a fresh and “welcoming” welcome mat (or in your case maybe rolling out a red carpet!) and a well lit street address, etc. The answers are infinite and will surely be customized to the client’s specific needs if you find the right consultant. In a nutshell, listen to your biggest complaint and see if you can find a counter balance to it. If you are drained all the time, unclog the drains. If you aren’t as sharp as you used to be, sharpen your knives, etc. It’s all about getting the energies in your home to match where you want to go in life.

Finally, for those of us who want to take Feng Shui further than the simple steps that you provide here, provide us with resources that we can use and how you can provide more personalized assistance.

Here’s a Decluttering Bootcamp that begins in January that might be helpful:

Here’s how to get my books: Just click on the book you want!

Want me to comment on your specific spaces and life? Click here for a telephone consultation: (I do on-site ones as well but this can be done quickly without waiting for me to travel.)

And if you just have a few questions and want to show me pictures of your place and ask a few questions, the most efficient way to go is my Move It With Karen Program:

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter


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